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The Family of the Blind Prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk: His Skin Color had Turned Darker Because of Torture!

2015-05-01 - 2:11 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The family of the blind prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk (24 years), was allowed to visit him on Tuesday (April 21, 2015) in Jaw Prison after being deprived of a visit for almost two months, after the prison's administration prevented any visits since the Jaw prison incident that took place on the 10th of last March and the control of Jordanian police over the facility.

Maatouk's mother noticed that the skin of her son has turned darker than before, which means he was spending long time under the sun heat or he was being kept in the tents. Attempts to know what Maatouk was subjected to have failed, for he repeated to his parents that he is fine and not being beaten.

Maatouk's father expected that his son did not speak about the torture he was subjected to fearing from being re-subjected to it after news emerged about torturing the prisoners who talked about this issue during their family visits. Maatouk's father said that his son had told him that the officer who accompanies him to the restroom does not beat him, whereas the other detainees are beaten while going to the restroom.

On the 23rd of April, the blind prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk, will complete a whole year in prison after being arrested last year from his home in Saar.

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