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Dr. Ali Al-Ekri Still Being Held Outside in the Tents...has Lost Some Weight

2015-04-30 - 1:04 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The family of detainee Dr. Ali Al-Ekri, a consultant orthopedic surgeon, was allowed to visit him on Monday (April 27, 2015), after being deprived of a visit for almost two months since the attack on Jaw Prison detainees that took place on the 10th of last March.

Al-Ekri's family stated that his skin color has turned very dark, his hair was completely shaved, and that he has lost some weight. They also stressed that he is still being held in the tents, to which they had transferred the detainees following the incident in block (1). Dr. Al-Ekri; however, said that their condition in the tents has improved since half of the prisoners were moved to the buildings and they provided them with air-conditioning.

Dr. Al-Ekri also revealed to his family that his situation is much better compared to other detainees, and that he will be transferred to the building once it's ready, adding that they allowed him to buy hygiene products and take a shower in the prison's shop last week.

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