VIDEO: Mother of Bahraini Detainee: I Just Want to Know if my Son is Alive, Injured or Dead

2015-04-20 - 2:22 am

Bahrain Mirror: A video of Ahmad Abdallah Al-Arab's mother went viral on social media platforms as she pleaded the world to reveal her son's fate, who is a 16-year-old youth that was arrested by civil forces on the 13th of April. Gunfire and Ahmad's cries were heard during his arrest, so it is unknown whether he was shot or not. His family didn't receive any calls assuring them of their son's safety since he was taken into custody.

"Ahmad turned 16 this month. He was pursued for two years. He was a young boy at that time. He was chased many times and shot at with live rounds. They made attempts to assassinate him. Some gunshot marks are still visible on the walls, which were the results of many assassination attempts and the most recent took place last Thursday," Ahmad's mother stated.

"He had just entered the house and I hadn't seen him for a long time. After five minutes, security forces arrived and raided the house. They were all masked and carrying live firearms. Ahmad miraculously survived. Sometimes they would raid our house, twice every week. The least they do is open all the windows, yell at us and terrorize us. Despite all that, I thank God that he's all right," she added as tears poured down her cheeks.

"Yesterday, at around 8:30 PM, I received a call telling me that my son Ahmad was surrounded by civil forces. He was hungry and went to buy a sandwich. He had nothing to eat. As he was on his way, he was surrounded by more than fifty jeeps and two armored vehicles as well as civilian cars. Witnesses said that they saw them follow him into an alley, heard gunfire and his scream, and then they placed him in the trunk of a car and left," Ahmad's mother said.

"I immediately went to the Al-Badeea police station and asked the officer about my son. He told me that there was no one there by his name. On my way out, the civil forces had just arrived. I was sure he was inside the trunk. I went to them and saw most of their faces because they had taken off their masks. I said to them: My son is inside the car. They replied: Not at all, your son isn't here. We sent him away. They were very happy. One of the men, who I knew his name, said: we took your son to his uncle. You are not going to see him again. They were gloating. So I told them: May you never be satisfied! My son and his uncle will return with their heads held up high. They kicked us out and closed the gate," she added.

"I just want to know what happened to my son. The last thing I heard was that they fired gunshots at him. I went and asked everyone for help. They all said they can't help me unless they finish their questioning and he is sent to a detention center. Where should I seek help? Until now, I don't know anything about my son. No one called me. I don't know if he is alive or dead...I plead you all and ask you to stand with me so I could uncover my son's fate. This is a mother's plea. I plead you with all my heart to help me reveal my son's fate," she implored.

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