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According to a Recently Released Detainee: Blind Prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk, is being Brutally Tortured

2015-04-19 - 1:15 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A detainee, recently released from Jaw Prison, revealed to Bahrain Mirror that the blind prisoner, Jaafar Maatouk (24 years old), is being brutally tortured and beaten since the Jaw Prison incident on March 10. The detainee, who refused to disclose his identity, added that Maatouk was transferred from block 4 to the tents outside and is still detained there.

The witness also stated that Maatouk was severely beaten by the Jordanian police who did not heed the appeals of other prisoners as they asked them to take his condition into account; since he is blind and not aware of anything happening around him. They; nonetheless, tortured him even more while saying: "Good, he deserves to be blind."

Maatouk's family doesn't know anything about his situation. They tried to apply for permission to visit him many times, yet they were denied any visits, as prison authorities claimed that visitations are not allowed. Meanwhile, his father sent an official request to visit him yesterday, yet he said that he wasn't given a specific date for the visit, noting that they have been prevented from visiting him since two months ago.

The last time Maatouk saw his family was on the 26th of last February. Jaw Prison's administration afterwards canceled two scheduled visits on March 12 and 30.

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