Hashem Al Alawi is among 400 imprisoned Shiite children subjected to the "Devil's" procedure

2015-03-04 - 12:29 am

Bahrain Mirror: "He was not aware of the general situation he is in. I am telling you...he is young". By these words, Diyaa' Al Alawai, mother of the 16-year-old Hashem, describes his situation after visiting him in the Dry Dock prison.

She says, "He talked a lot about how they spent their first days reciting prayers and du'aa'. He hoped to be released within two weeks after looking at his situation in light of the stories he heard inside the prison about other cases of children in a similar situation."

"He had hope and so did we," she adds.

However, she soon continues, "When we visited him the second time, the whole situation was different. He started crying fearfully due to the charges raised against him by the Public Prosecution. He was saying...I want to return to my school."

Al Alawai, who lives in Al Manama, was arrested on January 30th whilst in a car along with four of his friends. (photos)

The five were returning to their homes after an ordinary car journey when civil policemen stopped them south of Manama to check their identities.

In just a few minutes they found themselves surrounded by a huge number of policemen and the five were taken to Nabih Saleh police station where they experienced the investigators' infernal ways.

Hashem's mother, who is in her 40s and works as a civil servant, says, "He has no political interests at all nor security or criminal records".

On January 31st, Alawi and his four friends, who were soon transferred to Dry Dock detention center, appeared before the prosecution of terrorist crimes that ordered to suspend them for two weeks for "demonstration" charges.
However, the surprise was when they appeared before the prosecution for the second time.

A new set of peculiar charges was waiting for them, among the charges were: "making riot actions", "acquiring Molotov cocktails" and "assaulting security men". These charges, according to layers, are enough to ruin these children's future and may lead to imprisoning them for 3 years.

The children did not testify any such thing while being investigated. In addition, the examination did not prove the existence of any sign that verifies the children's participation in clashes or burnings whether on their hands or the clothes they were wearing when they were arrested.

It is the "Devil's" procedure to destroy the future of Shiite children in Bahrain. Bahrain Center for Human Rights says that 400 out of 3200 political prisoners in the Bahraini prisons are children.

Al Alawi is a senior student. He hoped to finish his last scholastic year with distinction to go to pursue his university studies in India where his father's uncle has lived since 4 decades. Nonetheless, all these plans have been changed now.

His mother states, "His school directors advised us to end his withdrawing from the school semester procedures and so we did".

his Monday, Al Alawi and his friends are going to appear before the Public Prosecution for the third time. His lawyer hopes they get released or at least their case be transferred to the normal Public Prosecution. As for Alawi, he has a small wish: to return to the school seats.


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