• «3 - 3» Bahrain: The Cohesion of the Power and Religion Gave "Al-Qaeda Ideology" to the Country

    BahrainMirror: The noticeable logistic activity of Bahrain Salafists in Syria is surprising and unprecedented, but it is difficult to prove that this activity is conducted without the control of the Bahrain governmental apparatuses

  • Equipping Ghazi [militant] "4/4": US$ 4 million 4 months

    Bahrain Mirror: a phased project launched by members of the "Al-Asalah" Islamic Society: the current MP Abdel Halim Murad (+97333222006), Sheikh Faisal Al Ghurair (+97333222006), Khalid Al Balushi (+9736706000), and Abdul Karim Al Emadi (+97333111202). It aims to equip insurgents to fight in Syria, or to provide them with combat equipment, such as anti-aircraft missiles.

  • Thank you ... We received the 'anti-aircraft'

    Bahrain Mirror: until mid-2012, the Bahraini intervention in Syria was on the form of humanitarian aid. After that, anti-aircraft were provided, militants were equipped and militant brigades were financed, this is the Untold Story of the Bahraini involvement in Syria. Today it has turned public.

  • "Al-Watan" Newspaper: Policy of Programmed Attack on the United States

    Bahrain Mirror: In less than three months, Bahrainis read on the Royal Court newspaper, "Al-Watan", enough hallucinations from Al-Khalifa Sheikhs and the "accidental" politicians hostile attitudes towards Washington and its ambassador in Manama Thomas Krajeski.

  • "2-3" America’s Major non NATO Ally, Safe Haven for Al-Qaeda

    BahrainMirror: In October 2012, a video was widely viewed on the Internet showing Islamist Jihadists in Syria thanking Bahraini funders whom they said that they provided them with “anti-aircrafts”.

  • "Justice" that Embraces Jihadists and Hostile to "Great Satan"

    Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): In its activity for those charged of terrorism, "Adala" [Justice] movement worked to defend Bahraini detainees in Guantanamo and Gulf countries, showed enmity towards USA, and stressed extremist stands towards it in dealing with salafist jihadists.

  • Near to Naval Base.. Obama, Obama, Today All of Us Osama

    Bahrain Mirror: Funding terrorist organisations is not the only untold story in Bahrain, Al-Qaeda flags and its leader's (Osama Bin Laden) pictures are untold too. Gradually, radical Islam and its icons turn into a common place in our daily life.

  • Summary - Al-Qaeda in Bahrain

    Bahrain Mirror: It has not been proven that Bahrainis took part in Al-Qaeda terrorist acts against the world; however, clinging to that idea is the way to hell.

  • America’s Major non NATO Ally, Safe Haven for Al-Qaeda «1-3»

    BahrainMirror: On 2 February 2009, an Islamist writer who was hosted to talk about the changes in the region, encouraged Al-Qaeda to use Anthrax gas to kill 330 American citizens in an hour.